LuaJIT bindings to MaxMind GeoIP

$ opm get leafo/geoip

LuaJIT bindings to MaxMind's GeoIP and GeoIP2 (libmaxminddb) libraries


  • — legacy library

In order to use this library you'll need LuaJIT, the GeoIP library you're trying to use, and the databases files for the appropriate library. You should be able to find these in your package manager.

I recommend using libmaxminddb, as the legacy GeoIP databases are no longer updated.


    luarocks install luajit-geoip



The module is named geoip.mmdb

    local geoip = require "geoip.mmdb"

This module works great in OpenResty. You'll want to keep references to loaded GeoIP DB objects at the module level, in order avoid reloading the DB on every request.


<summary>See OpenResty example</summary>

Create a new module for your GeoIP databases:


    local geoip = require "geoip.mmdb"
    return {
      country_db = assert(geoip.load_database("/var/lib/GeoIP/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb")),
      -- load more databases if necessary:
      -- asnum_db = ...
      -- etc.

OpenResty request handler:

    -- this module will be cached in `package.loaded`, and the databases will only be loaded on first access
    local result = require("geoip_helper").country_db.lookup_addr(ngx.var.remote_addr)
    if result then
      ngx.say("Your country:" ..

> Note: If you're using a proxy with x-forwarded-for you'll need to adjust > how you access the user's IP address


db, err = load_database(file_name)

Load the database from the file path. Returns nil and error message if the database could not be loaded.

The location of database files vary depending on the system and type of database. For this example we'll use the country database located at /var/lib/GeoIP/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb.

    local mmdb = assert(geoip.load_database("/var/lib/GeoIP/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb"))

The database object has the following methods:

object, err = mmdb:lookup(address)

    local result = assert(mmdb:lookup(""))
    -- print the country code 
    print( --> US

Look up an address (as a string), and return all data about it as a Lua table. Returns nil and an error if the address could not be looked up, or there was no information for that address.

> Note: You can lookup both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses

The structure of the output depends on the database used. (It matches the structure of the out from the mmdblookup utility, if you need a quick way to check)

value, err = mmdb:lookup_value(address, ...)

    -- prints the country code
    print(assert(mmdb:lookup_value("", "country", "iso_code"))) --> US

Looks up a single value for an address using the path specified in the varargs .... Returns nil and an error if the address is invalid or a value was not located at the path. This method avoids scanning the entire object for an address's entry, so it may be more efficient if a specific value from the database is needed.

geoip — legacy

*The databases for this library are no longer updated, I strongly recommend using the mmdb functionality above*

The module is named geoip

    local geoip = require "geoip"

GeoIP has support for many different database types. The available lookup databases are automatically loaded from the system location.

Only the country and ASNUM databases are supported. Feel free to create a pull request with support for more.

res, err = lookup_addr(ip_address)

Look up information about an address. Returns an table with properties about that address extracted from all available databases.

    local geoip = require "geoip"
    local res = geoip.lookup_addr("")

The structure of the return value looks like this:

      country_code = "US",
      country_name = "United States",
      asnum = "AS15169 Google Inc."

Controlling database caching

You can control how the databases are loaded by manually instantiating a GeoIP object and calling the load_databases method directly. lookup_addr will automatically load databases only if they haven't been loaded yet.

    local geoip = require("geoip")
    local gi = geoip.GeoIP()
    local res = gi:lookup_addr("")

> By default the STANDARD mode is used, which reads from disk for each lookup

Version history

  • 2.1 (Aug 28, 2020) — Fix bug with parsing booleans from mmdb (#3) michaeljmartin

  • 2.0 (Apr 6, 2020) — Support for mmdb (libmaxminddb), fix memory leak in geoip

  • 1.0 (Apr 4, 2018) — Initial release, support for geoip


License: MIT, Copyright 2020 Author: Leaf Corcoran (leafo) (@moonscript) Email: Homepage: <>


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