A tiny logging module for Lua


A tiny logging module for Lua.

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The log.lua file should be dropped into an existing project and required by it.

    log = require "log"


log.lua provides 6 functions, each function takes all its arguments, concatenates them into a string then outputs the string to the console and -- if one is set -- the log file:

  • log.trace(...)

  • log.debug(...)


  • log.warn(...)

  • log.error(...)

  • log.fatal(...)

Additional options

log.lua provides variables for setting additional options:


Whether colors should be used when outputting to the console, this is true by default. If you're using a console which does not support ANSI color escape codes then this should be disabled.


The name of the file where the log should be written, log files do not contain ANSI colors and always use the full date rather than just the time. By default log.outfile is nil (no log file is used). If a file which does not exist is set as the log.outfile then it is created on the first message logged. If the file already exists it is appended to.


The minimum level to log, any logging function called with a lower level than the log.level is ignored and no text is outputted or written. By default this value is set to "trace", the lowest log level, such that no log messages are ignored.

The level of each log mode, starting with the lowest log level is as follows: "trace" "debug" "info" "warn" "error" "fatal"


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.